Origins of the Hand Cafe

We know you're wondering...why in the world did we name our cafe after a hand? Turns out the story is about more than just an epic hand statue. Yes, there's a photograph mural in the lobby of the West Texas Allergy building of Mano del Desierto taken by San Antonio photographer, Scott Martin.  Scott & his family were traveling in the Atacama Desert in Chile when he took the incredible photo, pictured here.  (If you're interested in seeing more of Scott's work, take a walk through the West Texas Allergy lobby.)  

However, the idea for the name actually came from the state of Michigan.  Did you know that when Michiganders talk about where they live, they often do so by pointing to a place on their right hand?  Take a look at a map of Michigan, and you'll see the resemblance!  My husband and I met in the college town of Ann Arbor, MI...which is where our love of coffee, and each other, began. 

Cool story so far, right? Well it turns out there is still a bit more meaning. Have you ever been to a coffee shop or cafe and instantly felt out of place--either from the snooty baristas--or the complicated (or super minimalist) menu?  Do you wish you knew more about coffee, beer or wine, and don't really know the first place to start? Well when thinking about a concept for a cafe, the one thing we knew we wanted to focus on was approachability. Everyone deserves a good cup of coffee, but many folks are intimidated by all the complex ways you can order your drink.  Not only is our concept welcoming, but our staff is too. We want everyone to feel comfortable hanging out in our cafe--we will go the extra mile to make sure you have a positive experience every time you visit us.  We think the following quote personifies our vision: "You have two hands, one to help yourself & one to help others." So stop on in, we'd love to have a HAND in making your day the best it can be!  --Kate Wolbert, owner Hand Cafe